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Info posted by August 26th, 2009

Hi Folks,

I am sorry for not having done any updates on my site in the last few years, but as many of you might know, this is not my main business. After family (always comes first) and work I had only very litle time left and that I devoted to our hobby: collecting and listening to good music. Besides, as far as rare soundtracks are concerned, the site already covers most of them anyway. So please accept my apologies.

However, I have now finally been able to up-date the trade/sale-section and added 47 items, of which I have been able to find spare copies over the last 1 to 2 years. They are now available on the first 3 pages of my trade/sale-section. Happy hunting !



Info posted by October 26th, 2006

Italian Version

Hi there & everywhere!

Dear fellow soundtrack-collector!

Welcome to, the leading website in the net dedicated to superior & rare soundtracks-on-vinyl, issued mainly in Italy in the periods between the late 50ies until approximately the mid-70ies. Do I need to say more? Well, JAZZ, FUNK, BEAT, BOSSA, WESTERN, HORROR, GIALLO, ... and many more musical styles used, developed and perfectionated by #1 Italian composers such as PICCIONI, UMILIANI, FERRIO, NICOLAI, ALESSANDRONI, MICALIZZI, FIDENCO, SCIASCIA, USUELLI, MORRICONE, ... and many more nowadays unjustifyably little known maestros, can be viewed solely on this website. So stay tuned, come back & enjoy and do write me a feedback once in a while or lemme know, if you need any record(s) and please also write if you have something for sale or know, where a nice soundtrack LP is waiting for a buyer. In short: enjoy yourself!

Those of you, who have already been to this place in the "www" will notice the new lay-out is enjoying. I hope you liked it! Every feedback is always welcomed! The new lay-out is intended to be functionally, easy-to-handle and appeal to the eyes. It's made courtesy of Edith Vosta and Markus Hasleder, who have a cool eye for detail and - in my humble opinion - have developped a superb design, which will keep this website also visually on top of the list.

Of course I always liked the "old" lay-out, but it was time for something new. The site has grown over the last 5 years from just a few 100 LP-covers to information regarding well over 1.000 items by now and will - but at a slower speed, since most important items are documented already - grow further, mostly regarding items from other European countries and from countries in overseas.

What is up to? First, due to the enormous number of covers shown, we have decided to show more than just 10 covers per page, so it'll be easier to "float" through the site. Second, you can always see the number of items in ever section on the left side, so you'll get an impression right from the start, how productive a label or country was in the above-mentioned time period. And third, we plan to install a search-engine for easier findings of any item of composer or director or ... again, also here, just feel free to write your suggestions, how we can make this site better and better and even more suited to your needs.

Happy viewing and see you again & again & again & ... !

Wolfgang aka "soundtrack-Wolfy"

PS: Just in case you wonder, why, which was always free of any advertisements, does now contain a few of them, then it is because the updates and programming work is pretty time-consuming, so it's only natural to look for possibilities to finance this.

Info posted by May 13th, 2004

Dear fellow soundtrack-collector,

More than a year has passed since I made my last anouncement here, but nevertheless things have moved forward. Eraly this year I have added around 100 new photos, mainly obscure soundtracks from places like GREECE, BRAZIL, SPAIN and a few Canadian and US-releases (all the countries, which do not have a seperate "account", have been placed under "English soundtracks"). Also the boring typing of adding track titles, running times, directors and actors have been done on app. 20 LPs ... (to finish off THAT work will take years, I know ... but stay with me).

Happy viewing!!


Info posted by April 9th, 2003

Dear fellow soundtrack-collector,

Finally ... ! Well, let me start with an apology: I know it has been a looooong time since the last up-date, but a collection has to be kept alive, soundtracks have to be bought and traded, e-mails have to be written and answered, and family as well as job (in this order; smile) to need "some" time, too ... So, that's why 5 (!) months have gone by.
Whenever time permitted, I have added written info to the date files off-line, which info is now available for everybody to read. Yes, this time "only" written info has been added: track lists, running times, directors, actors, and the trade/sale section as well as the lists there have been up-dated and put into a better readable way.
By now all track lists and added info for Ariete and CAM as well as for most CineVox and RCA Italiana LPs should be on-line. The next steps I'll take is to add these infos for all the other sections and as soon as app. 50 "new" LPs worth showing on this site have been accumulated (and this is not an easy task; smile), new cover artworks will be added, too (app. in summer).
So enjoy reading the added info, "my" fellow OST vinyl-junkies and let's stay in touch!


Info posted by Dec 4th, 2002

Dear fellow soundtrack-collector,

I am happy to let you all know, that another up-date has taken place! Around 75 new photos have been added (most noteably GUNGALA in the CineVox-section and 3 more RCA SP LPs -, all info-pages with the exception of three new added ones (other countries, C.A.M. EPs and Spain soundtracks) are now complete - MANY pages to read; smile - and the trade/sale-section has been slightly enlarged (and up-dated) as well as the info-"page" of this section does contain a more complete - however (sorry), still difficult to read - nearly complete "list" of spare items available! Happy reading and I am waiting four YOUR comment(s) and ecourgaments (and trade-offers)!!


Info posted by Oct 14th, 2002

Dear fellow soundtrack-collector,

The info pages are now available for nearly all series. You've to go to the relevant label and click on this first image (INFOS about series) at the beginning of each label and/or series. This site is also updated with additional information on covers like year of release and others. Please take into attention that you'll find different series inside the label CAM and one info page per series.
Enjoy and let me hear your comments or your additional info!


Info posted by Jul 28th, 2002

Hi folks!

Puh, the last months have been very busy, so unfortunately I did not have any time for relevant up-dates, but ... I've written some introductory statements regarding some labels and sections on the site. You've to go to the relevant label and click on this first image (INFOS about series) at the beginning of each label and/or series. The articles featured are on the ARIETE-label, the CAM-label (Cms, SAG, MAG and Cdr-series), CineVox, the TRADE/SALE-section, ...
Please check and let me hear your comments or your additional info!!

Thank you very much and enjoy!


Info posted by March 29th, 2002

New on this website: Links to other related websites.

Info posted by November 1st, 2001

Dear fellow soundtrack-collector,

Of course such a site is always "work in progress" and there is always work done to improve the contents of this site. I am basically working off-line and putting the newly typed and edited info onto the site every couple of weeks to months, when a certain amount of work has been done, in which case I always do send info e-mails to all people in my database.

The work done in the last few weeks and in the next couple of weeks and months to come is putting info, info and info on the site. This info contains
1) label and numbers of the LPs released
2) year of release (if known)
3) composer
4) the director of the movie, which score is presented
5) and all known actors.

This has been done for app. 25% of the shown covers in the last few weeks, basically concentrating on the Cam pages (esp. Cam Cms 30-000 series and Cam Mag-series) and some RCA SP 8000-LPs as well as some other items in between.

All you have to do is click on the small icons and you will get an enlarged picture of the LP cover as well as the info described above (where already posted).

Please enjoy the info now available and do keep your e-mails coming. Every input and suggestions are welcomed and will be answered - to my best possibilities - within 72 hours.

All the very best and hope to hear from you soon,

Wolfgang Jahn


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