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Dear fellow-collector,
Dear fellow soundtrack-enthusiast

As you can see I decided to structure the site according to labels and within the labels according to release numbers. Since I do not own all LPs (who does?) I left empty boxes whereever I either do not own a certain title or forgot to photograph it (and will add it later) or simply don't know if it has ever been released. In any case, if you have any info about such a missing release or if you have such an LP for trade or sale, please contact me with any info you have. Any help in providing such helpful info will be very much appreciated.

UNKNOWN LPs are among the Cam Cms 30.000-sries and also some in the RCA SP 8000-series and one in the CineVox-series (Cinevox MDF 33/21).

Thank you very much for your help and hope to hear from you soon ...




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