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The C.A.M. CDR. 33-series

After C.A.M. had stopped releasing any soundtrack recordings in the C.A.M. Cms. 30-000-series in 1965, they went even more ecclectic in the following series, which they called, for reasons unknown to my little self, CDR.-series. This time, the reference to recordings running at a speed of 33 rounds per minute (rpm), was part of the catalogue number as prefix in front of the actual release-number ("33").

In fact this series is no less accompanied by rumours from daring collectors than the Cms.-series, although the complete series (which is not yet shown on this site) consists of only a dozen recordings (again, all of them still in mono, although at that time stereo recordings were already issued by a few other labels), which were all issued in 1965 and 1966. This series contains three priceless recordings by Francesco DeMasi and also three by Benedetto Ghiglia, with a heavy dose of mid-60ies jazzy spy-music (well ahead of its time, if I may say so, and without wanting to do John Barry a harm, definitly preferable over the more mainstream-like Bond-scores!).

Also there are some recordings, which should have been released in this series and were pressed, but only very few copies made it into distribution: the most prominent being an Italo-western, scored by DeMasi ("PER UN PUGNO NELL' OCCHIO", as # 11), and a sandal movie, also scored by DeMasi ("GLI SCHIAVi PIU FORTi DEL MONDO", as # 9), which was lateron issued by the Phoenix C.A.M.-label (see this section), then a spy flick scored by the undeservedly littleknown TOP-jazz composer Carlo SAVINA ("LE SPIE UCCIDONO A BEIRUT", as # 6) as well as a jazz-score by Teo USUELLI ("AGENTE S03 OPERAZIONE ATLANTIDE, as # 10). All 4 LPs are still onn my wants-list.

Regarding the sound reproduction quality, it has to be said (with a big amount of respect to the recording and pressing quality of that time), that all these MONO recordings are pressed on TOP-quality heavy vinyl and have a clear and fresh sound that makes the listener feel as if he´d sit within the orchestra just performing the studio sessions. This recording and pressing quality was definitly not the standard of this time and even matches the one of Japanese vinyl recordings. Better such fantastic mono-recordings than some of the same-time or later stereo-recordings with shifting chanels and different levels of loudness from each speaker ...

As far as the cover artwork is concerned, there´s a development from the more simplicistic, but highly effective artwork of the Cms.-series (with only a few motifs) to stunning collages with many different motifs in bright colours. These covers are irresistible to look at, especially the "Baleari operazione oro"-cover is so incredibly beautiful and contains so many motifs, that it could rank as the best cover artwork ever featured on a C.A.M. recording!! Unfortunately, none of these covers are printed on strong cardboard and what is even more a pity: these covers were not laminated (like the ones in the late Cms.-series and nearly all the covers in the MAG- and SAG-series). Therefore it is nearly impossible today to find copies of these recordings inside of flawless covers ... These LPs already received a wider (and more commercial) distribution, although the print-run is said to have still been 500 copies only.

So enjoy the usual photos, and if you have any questions, that have been left unanswered (and I am sure there are some ...), please do not hesitate to drop me a line e-mail! I answer all questions as fast as possible, plan to collect them and want to put them into a FAQ-section (which is planned for 2003!). The same goes of course, if you have any info or items for sale or trade available!!


F. DeMasi: PER UN PUGNO NELL' OCCHIO (CAM CDR 33-11),      *offer 1.500,-- Euro
           GLI SCHIAVI PIU FORTI DEL MONDO (CAM CDR 33-9), *offer 1.000,-- Euro
C. SAVINA: LE SPIE UCCIDONO A BEIRUT (CAM CDR 33-6),       *offer 1.500,-- Euro
* of course that much will only be paid for a copy in beautiful condition! 
For worn copies I am still willing to pay good money, but of course not THAT much!
Sette uomini d'oro  Cam CDR. 33-1  1965/08  Trovajoli 
Giulietta degli spiriti  Cam CDR. 33-2  1965/xx  Rota 
Let´s dance to the movies  Cam CDR. 33-4  196x   
Sinfonia per due spie  Cam CDR. 33-5  1965/12  DeMasi 
WANTED: Le spie uccidono a Beirut  Cam CDR. 33-6  196x  Savina 
WANTED: Gli schiavi piu forti del mondo  Cam CDR. 33-9  196x  DeMasi 
WANTED: Agente S03 Operazione Atlantide  Cam CDR. 33-10  196x  Usuelli 
WANTED: Per un pugno nell´ occhio  Cam CDR. 33-11  196x  DeMasi 
Madamigella di Maupin  Cam CDR. 33-12  1966/01  Mannino 
Baleari operazione oro  Cam CDR. 33-13  1966/04  Ghiglia 
Adios gringo  Cam CDR. 33-15  1966/01  Ghiglia 
New York chiama superdrago  Cam CDR. 33-16  1966/04  Ghiglia 
Musica e immagine: Carlo Rustichelli  Cam CDR. 33-17  1966/05  Rustichelli 
La lama nel corpo  Cam CDR. 33-18  1966/05  DeMasi 
Sette dollari sul rosso  Cam CDR. 33-19  1966/05  DeMasi 

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