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Various rare OST LPs from Italy

I have already written a lot regarding many important Italian soundtrack labels (special entries on the labels "BEAT", "Aris", "Sermi", "Omicron", "Sound Work Shop", ... are planned and will follow in 2003), but of course there are also soundtrack-releases from other lables, which are sometimes so small and obscure (pardon!), that they do not warrant an own section, but very well deserve to be mentioned nevertheless. Most of them should - at least as far as I know of them - be presented in this section!

Some minor lables and some items do deserve some special comments! Let us start with one of the really minuscule labels, being said to have only issued 300 copies of each release: the PEGASO-label! In fact there is quite something to say regarding their very special and highly collectible top quality releases! Alltogether this label, which "founding fathers" and founding date are lost to oblivion, issued a little more than 10 recordings (just judging from their numbering system and assuming no numbers have been left void), the two most sought after having been composed by the ever-reliable top-composer Franco MICALIZZI (one of my favourites!), one of these two being one of the rarest Italo-western LPs ever ("Sei iellato amico, hai incontrato Sacramento!" aka "You are jinxed, Sacramento!"), the other presumably a thriller ("Il due volte della paura"). Definitly also one to be on the lookout for is the funky action-score "Un uomo dalla pelle dura" by "xxxx". All the others are - as far as I know them - rather odd (mostly TV-)scores, which however - as far as I own them - do certainly deserve a listening (with one exception: "Arcana" by Romolo GRANO, which sounds "very experimental"). If you do happen to have any info regarding the other releases issued by Pegaso, please drop me a line (e-mail addy to be found at the end of each entry section).

Aside from the Pegaso-label, most other releases are from various, sometimes "one-soundtrack-release"-labels, like the private release "Jack London, la mia grande avventura" (EDIBI 4008) by Mario PAGANO, which features a very dark, but truly haunting middle-70ies western/adventure-score, the movie being based on a Jack London-novella (strangely, this score has also been issued - with same artwork and contents - in Finland (!) as a commercial release!). Decidedely an odd item worth the usually high price!

But the top of them all are two scores by someone completely forgotten today and only known by real conaisseurs of the Italian music-for-cinema: The two scores by Gianni STELLARI on the Philips-label, issued in the second half of the 50ies. It is not yet confirmed if these two scores are indeed the first two Italian soundtracks ever issued on vinyl in Italy, but they are certainly among the very first releases on this format! Yes, I am indeed referring to "LA STRADA DEI GIGANTI" and "APOCALISSE SUL FIUME GIALLO", two scores so rare and unknown that their existence was not being verified at the beginning of the 90ies, when Keith McNally listed them as items of "doubtful existence" in his price-"guide", crossly undervalueing each of them at the bargain-"price" of 500 $! These are real beauties and as rare "as hell". Issued together with a third Stellari-compilation-LP in consecutive numbers, they do feature two very Malcom Arnold style adventure-scores (today the "Apocalisse"-movie would be part of the disaster-genre, "Strada" being an adventure/love/western-mix), presented in one suite on each side on HEAVY prime quality vinyl, featuring top cover-artwork on very thin, but laminated "cardboard"-paper! Also the movies are highly enjoyable if one has some appetite for woody acting, cardboard cHaracters, the usual sultry Italian actress and the to-be-expected heavy grade-B-story of a grade-C trashy movie! Happy digging!

But there are more ITEMS worth to be mentioned: the "Zorro!"-score by Gianfranco Plenizio, the nice Italian issue of "Sunflower" by Henry Mancini, a (presumably TV-)score by the top jazz-composer Sandro BRUGNOLINI (deservedly famous for his masterpieces "Gli arcangeli" and "Giungala") "L´uomo dagli occhiali a specchio", "La feccia", the promo 2LP-set featuring more than 90 minutes of maestro Usuellis compositions, a few LPs from other countries (Spain, India, Finland, ...) , which are so few not to warrant an own country-section, and surely many more, since I always stumble accross new items, which will be added to this section sooner or later!

Anyway, please enjoy and if you have any questions, that have been left unanswered (and I am sure there are some ...), please do not hesitate to drop me a line e-mail! I answer all questions as fast as possible, plan to collect them and want to put them into a FAQ-section (which is planned for 2003!). The same goes of course, if you have any info or items for sale or trade available!!

AVAILABLE items (visually graded: cover/record; play-graded upon request):

CBS 70120:      La feccia                          (Pino Calvi),       NM/M-   
CGD FS 5039:    I giovani lupi                     (xxx)               M-/M-   
xxx:            Italian movies (w/ Chet Baker)     (Piero Umiliani)    M/M   
xxx:            Coolangatta Gold      (Australian only LP, Bill ContI) M-/M 
Please note: of all the listed items I have only one spare copy available; wants-lists welcomed (trade preferred!). WANTED Atmosfera = L´occhio nel labirinto (Roberto Nicolosi, Fontana, Italy, 1973) Every nigger is a star (Boris Gardiner, LP on Leal 008/010, Jamaica 1973) GREEK soundtracks LPs by Plessas, Xarchakos, ...: Bullets don´t come back (Plessas on Lyra, middle 60ies) Blood on the ground (Plessas on Philips, early 60ies) Rendez-vous in the air (Plessas on Philips, early 70ies) Princess little toys (Plessas, Greek LP, early 70ies) Dancinghe Sirtaki (Xarchakos, Lyra International, middle 60ies) Dancing the Sirtaki (Xarchakos, French pressing, Ducretet, early 70ies) Dancing the Sirtaki (Xarchakos, UK/GB pressing, date and label unknown)

Apocalisse sul fiume di giallo  Philips P 08513 L  196  Stellari 
La strada dei giganti  Philips P 08514 L  196  Stellari 
Una voglia da morire  Surf EAR-41004  196  Boneschi 
La legge dei gangster  Omicron xxx  196  Umiliani 
Questo sporco mondo meravigliosa  Omicron xxx  197  Umiliani 
La ragazza con la pelle di luna  Omicron xxx  197  Umiliani 
Mondo Nudo  xxx  196  Usuelli 
L'arcidiavolo  Parade FPR(S) 314  1965  Trovajoli 
Qien sabe?  Parade FPR(S) 312  1966  Bacalov 
Codice d´amore orientale  Joker SM 3722  197  Orchestra 
La gatta in calore  Parade LEL 1xx  197  Plenizio 
Amore amore amore  Durium mSA 77226  196  Piccioni 
Svezia inferno e paradiso  Omicron LPM 0014  196  Umiliani 
Il corpo  Sound work shop SWS 113  197  Umiliani 
Italian Movies (sampler)  xxx  197  Umiliani 
La ragazza floristrada  Liuto LRS 057  197  Umiliani 
Gli italiani e l´industria (TV)  Liuto xxx  197  Umiliani 
Bubú  Corosello CLN 25004  1971  Rustichelli 
Una farfalla con le ali insanguinate  Corosello CLN 25008  1971  Ferrio 
Anna Karenina  Corosello CLN 25051  1974  Piccioni 
Corruzione al palazzo di giustizia  Corosello CLN 25055  1974  Donaggio 
La seduzione  Cetra LPX 27  197  Bacalov 
Prisma sonoro  Sermi SP 1xx  197  Alessandroni 
Rebus  Sermi SP 1xx  197  Alessandroni 
India (F/O) - front cover  xxx IM 30.101  196x  DeMasi 
India (F/O) - back cover  xxx IM 30.101  196x  DeMasi 
Sei corde in arcabaleno  Sermi SP 118  197  D´Amario 
Bioritmi (library)  Sermi xxx  197  Macchi 
Futuribili (library)  Sermi xxx  197  Macchi 
Città notte (library)  Sermi xxx  197  xxx 
Musica poliformale (library)  Sermi xxx  197   
Madly  Barclay BRC LP 60019  197  Lai 
Tre colpi di Winchester per Ringo  Vedette VRMS 315  1966  Sciascia 
L´uomo dagli occhiali a specchio  Vrooom  197  Brugnolino 
La feccia  CBS 70120  1972  Calvi 
Usuelli 2 LP-set  DTV 73/4  197  Usuelli 
Sesso Matto  Vogue SLDD. 863  1974  Trovajoli 
Jack London il mia grande avventura  EDIBI SEB 4008  1975  Pagano 
Ah si? ... e io lo dico a Zorro!  International ILS 9041  1975  Plenizio 
Una donna alla finestra  Cididas CD 38001  1976  Rustichelli 
... e poi lo chiamavano il magnifico  Smash SM 901  1972  DeAngelis 
Politica  Pegaso PG 1  197   
Amore Giovane  Pegaso PG 3  197   
I due volti della paura  Pegaso PG 5  1969  Micalizzi 
Arcana  Pegaso PG 7  197  Grano 
Sei iellato amico hai incontrato Sacramento  Pegaso PG 8  197  Micalizzi 
Un uomo dalla pelle dura  Pegaso PG  197  Pes 
Il girasoli - front cover  Avco Embassy  1970  Mancini 
Il girasoli - back cover  Avco Embassy  1970  Mancini 
Una rosa per tutti  CBS 62908  1966  Bacalov 
Non cantare spara  CBS  196  Ferrio 
Un quarto di vita  Durium  196  Gaslini 
Bombay 405 miles    197  Anandji 
Africa! (NST)  OFF  197  Gaslini 
Newport in Milan (NST)  OFF  197  Gaslini 
Magia erotica  agua manda AGLP 0003  197  Sulistrowski 
La vita di Leonardo da Vinci  Ariston xx  197  Vlad 
Savina´s western  BAM BLP 105  197  Savina 
La prima notte di quiete  CBS 65403  197  Nascimbene 
Io e lui  Cetra LPX 25  197  Zambrini 
West and soda  Corosello PLP 306  196  Boneschi 
West and soda - back cover  Corosello PLP 306  196  Boneschi 
Il medico della mutua ha fatto carriera ed é diventato! (half LP)  Durium msA 77242  196  Piccioni 
Il Prof. Dott. Guido Tersilli primario della clinica villa celeste convenzionata con le mutue (half LP)  Durium msA 77242  196  Piccioni 
La tenda rossa  Sagittario ZSLS 55006  1971  Morricone 
Sexy  Vedette VLP 36510  196  Sciascia 
Sexy (triple-F/O-EP)  Vedette xxx  197  Sciascia 
library LP  Vedette xxx  196  Sciascia 
Simona  Vedette VPA 8194  197  Carpi 
La mia legge (= Les granges brulées)  International ILS 9029  1973  Jarre 
Gli intoccabili  Jolly LPJ 5094  1968  Morricone 
Nina  xxx  197  Ortolani 
I giovani lupi  CGD FS 5039  197  xxx 
Cadaveri eccellenti  GML 10003  197  Piccioni 
Milano Violenta  Cometa  197  xxx 
Ciak si muore (F/O)  xxx  197  Buonocore 
Uno strano tipo  Clan ACC 40000  196x  xxx 
Il gattopardo  Titanus Tms 1004  196x  Rota 
Mondo caldo di notte (2LP-set  F/O) - front cover  Vedette VL/2 AL 201 VLP 6504  6505   
Mondo caldo di notte (2LP-set  F/O) - inside 1  Vedette VL/2 AL 201 VLP 6504  6505   
Mondo caldo di notte (2LP-set  F/O) - inside 2  Vedette VL/2 AL 201 VLP 6504  6505   
Mondo caldo di notte (2LP-set  F/O) - back cover  Vedette VL/2 AL 201 VLP 6504  6505   
Colpo da un miliardo di dollari  Bradley xxx  197x  Budd 
Gruppo di famiglia in un interno  Carosello CLN 25052  197x  Mannino 
10.000 Dollari per un massacro (SP)  Vis Radio VLMQN 056396  196x  Orlandi 
Qui squadra mobile/Sentivano uno strano eccitante puzzo di dollari (SP)  Pull OSP 1003  197x   
Guardami nuda  Pull ZSLL 55053  197x  Zambrini 
La cicala  xxx  198  Bongusto 
Ho incontrato un´ombra  Pegaso PG xx  197  Pisano 
Sinfonicamente  Hard 204  197  xx 
Nerosubianco  Atlantic xxx  197  Freedom 
Conviene far bene l´amore  International ILS 904x  197  Bongusto 
Musica per tutte le ore  xxx LP 116  196   
La vita in gioco  Duse LP xx  197  Piovani 
Un giorno a Brooklyn (A day in Brooklyn)  private  197  Oliviero 
La pietra di luna (The moonstone)  Certra LPF xx  197  Charamello 
Il primo primio si chiama Irene  Sagittario xxx  196  Fajese 
Nascimbene - limited 3-LP-set  xxx  198  Nascimbene 
Un quarto di vita  xxx  197  Gaslini 

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